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Voluntary change

...is created by following elements of our workshops, trainings und coachings:


Managerial moments of truth

A moment of truth is taking place, when it becomes visible for a manager that his direct report missed a due date or delivered a working result which is below expectation. In our personal development approach every manager learns to support his direct reports in recognizing themselves, what they want to change next time, by...

  • anaysing the "how come" instead of reasons
  • clarifying responsibilities
  • discovering unrealisitc assumptions
  • recognizing conflicts of important objectives or values

Applying values that lead to trust

To create personal development on equal eye level with direct reports we teach to work with following values:

  • Being honest with not knowing something
  • Talking neutral, non personal and free of reproach
  • Working with facts instead with assumptions and guesses


Clarifying personell orientations

Many managers ar not aware of their orientation, when they work with their direct reports. Often they don't know the more effective orientation to the one which is guiding them. With our approach they experience the difference of...

  • problem orientation versus creative orientaton
  • original versus comparative thinking
  • generative versus reactive/responsive orientation

Clarity on roles and responsibilities

To be in charge or to be responsible? Clarity of roles and responsibilies does not come from thinking to be in charge of something. Honest committment often gets lost in an envioronment of unclear responsibilities. Effectivity requires claryity of responsibilities and of its communication. In our trainings and workshops all participants...

  • learn to act responsible in a non hierarchical setting
  • we begin with the lowest hierachy level (bottom up approach)
  • learn fromcases based on concrete and communicated expectations („the task is leading")
  • learn to clarify individual decisions to cooperate

Efficient forms and structures

Change succeeds the more, the less time out they require and the more they are implemented and tested in the daily working environment. We work with...

  • single person coaching on one day with all participants of a training
  • individual and common learning with the colleagual consulting approach

Techniques leading to clarity

Establishing clarity is very useful not to get into trouble with emotional habits, with relationship issues and with complex circumstances. We train techniques which strengthen the abilty to create clarity and real sense:

  • Focussing and concretion
  • The art of neutral questions
  • Timeline-thinking
  • Effektive information processing with visual thinking
  • Translating details into shapes and patterns