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Equal eye level with your direct reports

... generates performance in breadth

Management training

„My direct report does not do what I want him to do." All participants in our management training find a new way how to get the desired level of working results within their team especially with averagely motivated direct reports.
All participants learn from working on cases of their direct reports who have delivered less than expected.
In the three day training they learn together with colleagues from the same hierarchy level the application of a new attitide and orientation:

  • Understanding instead of convincing
  • Asking questions with unprejudiced interest
  • Proceed open minded instead of solution oriented

Every participant recognizes that he gets on equal eye level with his direct reports with this attitude. This creates new possibilities for the whole team to get on a higher level of working results.
At the end of each training all participants define the points in time and the situations in which they  want to make use of these chances and they define the economic effect of it.

Implementation monitoring and -coaching

The economic effect
after the management training will be verified by three implementation monitorings one, three and twelve months after the the training. Each participant analyses and evaluates his progress based on the number of moments of truth per week he adressed and the results out of it. The participants report these results in structured form via email to the trainer, who gives a summary of all answers back to all partipants. In this context the trainer is also available for answering implementation questions via email to all participants.

The personal and economic effects can be maximized with two implementation coachings two and four weeks after the management training. The implementation coachings will take place in the working environment in a very timeefficient way within one day for all participants of the training.

Results after our training and coaching

Your investment in your managers in form of our training and coaching will pay back within a short time after the training. The economic effests will be analysed and evaluated individally in each company. All participants can count on following effects after the training and even more after the coaching:

  • 3-5 moments of truth being adressed every day
  • Shorter and more effective meetings
  • A 10-20% increase in productivity within the first two months after the training
  • Working processes will be organized more lean

Some representaive statements from managers after the training:

      • „I reduced my controll of my direct reports"
      • „I have more time to work on strategic issues"
      • „My direct reports recognized immediately that they are taken seriously by me and that I am interessted how they work"
      • „Judging behaviour and creating pressure  makes no make sense for me anymore"