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Alignment of business and corporate culture

Experienced change management support for the top management

Executive workshops

One of the most important tasks of every executive team is to get common clarity about the three most important questions:

  • Where do we want to go?
  • Where are we in realtion to our objectives?
  • How do we see our cooperation today?

In the daily business there is normally no time and space to clarify these questions fundamentally. Therefore the executives should take hte time twice a year to find common answers to these questions.

We know the formats to design and facilitate your executive offsite so that it fits best to you. With our facilitation and with our targeted questions we care for a discussion getting to the point together in the available time. 

Executive coaching

Our executive coaching is guidance in designing and implemeting important corporate changes. Based on our longterm experience in strategy projects and change processes with medium sized companies we can offer you a sparring to improve the effectivenes of your procedures and of your leadership. With our executive coaching, which is free of personell interests we offer you an open room to rethink your strategies. This improves the clarity and effectiveness of your leadership.

Large group facilitation

Working with the whole system in one room. in workshops and copnferences with up to 500 participants. Large group facilitation stands for fast change in large groups. We are educated in all formats of large group facilitation and have a high variety of pracitcal experience with following formats:

  • Open Space
  • Future Search Conference
  • World Cafe
  • Real Time Strategic Change
  • Appreciative inquiry

A common view on objectives and on ways forward can be created in large groups. This saves time and money compared with traditional top down communication.