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Structural Thinking

conceptfree consuting, free of assumptions, hypothesis and methodic beliefs


After many years of searching and testing of effecitve consulting approaches which lead to sustainable results and not only to temorary success, I came in 2001 in touch with Structual Thinking. From this time on the results of my consulting work improved step by step and lead to lasting effects for my customers.

Structural Thinking is based on:

  • the process and the principles of creating
  • the values: mindfullness and truth
  • original instead of comparative thinking
  • the principle of strcutural tension
  • the path of least resistance

Structural Thinking  was invented by Rober Fritz, whose colleague Peter Senge (author of "The fitfh Discipline") said about him: The work of Robert Fritz shows true genius. His work had a strong impact on my life and the lifes of many colleagues.


images/Identity-Buch-80.jpgRobert Fritz/Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen


1st edition, January 2017

published by New Fane Press

POLR-for-Managers-2011.jpgRobert Fritz

"The Path of Least Resistance for Managers"

2nd edition, January 2011

published by New Fane Press


MMOT-Buch-80.jpgBruce Bodaken and Robert Fritz,

"The Managerial Moment of Truth"

"The Essential Step in Helping People Improve Their Performance",

published by Simon & Schuster, Free Press, New York, 2006,
ISBN 978-0-7432-8852-1